What to Look for in a Cheap International Courier Service

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Today even the smallest business can have access to the world market. The Internet literally places the world at your fingertips. Whether you are importing or exporting, the access to products has never been greater and easier.

Shipping within your country has never been a problem. Now you have customers all over the world and you’re learning (sometimes the hard way) the difficulty of getting your products to your customers. First, you have to choose a cheap international courier service that ships to your customers’ countries.

Think of Your Customer

Shipping domestically to your customers gives them a great experience. The product arrives safely and quickly. Is it possible to deliver your products to your international customers safely, quickly and, most importantly, affordably?

What if a customer contacts you asking where a package is, or their shipment has arrived damaged? This reflects very poorly on your business. You must first look for a reliable, but also cheap, international courier service.

Before choosing an international courier service, remember the important factors. The most important is doing your homework. Thoroughly vet your delivery company before using it for the first time. Call the service you are planning to do business with. The person you speak with should be a seasoned veteran in the delivery service. Ask the customer service representative about cost, estimated delivery time and other factors important to you. After you have contacted and personally spoken with several companies, compare notes to see which one scored highest.

Package Tracking

Tracking your package is very important in today’s global environment. This is very important to your customers. Package tracking can build trust for your customers. Online tracking is the best option. When the international courier service sends you the tracking information on the package, you can quickly forward that information to your customer. If a delivery problem occurs, you can inform the customer.

Remember, if your customers don’t receive their packages, you will hear from them before the courier service. If your customers can directly track the package, it reflects well on you. Check with the international delivery service for this option. Your customers will thank you (with more product purchases).

Read reviews and recommendations of other international courier services. With the Internet, the good cheap international courier service companies shine through. Companies can have nice websites and speak well on the phone, but maybe not perform very well in the field. Don’t be the first guinea pig to try out a new delivery service. It could cost you. There are many experienced delivery companies all over the world. If you do your research, you will find the one that works best.