What to Expect When You Call a Moving Company in Boston

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For those who are using a moving company to relocate for the first time, knowing what to expect during that first phone call is essential. Homeowners who want to work with a Moving Company in Boston should be prepared to answer questions from the company so they can get an accurate estimate for the services they’ll need. Some of the questions the moving company might ask include the following.

How Many Rooms are in the Home?

The moving company will base the moving estimate on the number of items to be moved. In general, this is done by estimating the furniture to be moved and the number of rooms in the home. It is a good idea to let them know if there is anything beyond the rooms in the home that will need to be moved, such as items kept in storage, so the estimate will be as accurate as possible.

Are There Any Items that Require Specialized Care?

Some homeowners will have a piano or other item that needs to be moved carefully to avoid damage. Let the moving company know about these items so they can add them into the estimate and ensure the movers are prepared to load and unload the items carefully during the move. In some cases, like with a piano, pool table, or another large item, they may need to have more movers available to help.

Are There Other Services or Products that May be Needed?

Some homeowners will want to make a move as easy as possible by looking into added services like packing and unpacking. Other homeowners want to handle the packing and unpacking on their own but may want the moving company to drop off packing supplies for them. Ask about these services during the initial call, so they’re added to the estimate the movers provide.

If you’re planning on using a Moving Company in Boston for your next move, make sure you are ready to answer the above questions when you call. This way, they can give you an accurate estimate and ensure everything is ready for your move. Contact Olympia Moving & Storage now to schedule your move. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.