Staying Safe When Waiting For A Towing Service in Lumberton

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When someone has a mishap occur where their vehicle is immobilized, they will want to take the necessary steps in keeping themselves safe while awaiting help. Most motorists will call a Towing Service in Lumberton to bring the vehicle and themselves to a safe area away from the roadway. Here are some steps a driver can take when waiting for a tow truck to come to the rescue when their vehicle cannot be driven.

Get The Vehicle Off The Roadway

It is important to try to get a vehicle off the road, so it is not at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. If the vehicle does not run at all, it may be necessary to have someone help push it to safety. Placing the vehicle to the side of the road will be the safest area for those inside to wait for a tow truck.

Keep The Vehicle Locked Until Help Arrives

Locking the doors to the vehicle will ensure those inside are safe from the risk of theft. If someone comes to the vehicle offering assistance, the window can be cracked to speak to them about the matter. Alert the person that authorities have been notified and that a tow truck will be arriving shortly. This will be likely to get the person to leave, keeping those inside safe as a result.

Turn On Lights To Alert Other Motorists Of A Problem

If the vehicle becomes disabled during the daytime hours, the hazard lights can be turned on to alert those in the area that the vehicle is not moving. If the occurrence happens at night, it is better to turn on the interior lights to alert others about the situation. Putting on the hazards may make someone think the vehicle is just driving slowly.

When there is a need to call a Towing Service in Lumberton to remove a vehicle from the road, finding a business that will offer prompt service is necessary. A driver will be dispatched to the area right away to get the vehicle to a safe location.

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