Packing Tips to Help With Things Most Homeowners Don’t Think About

Packing for a move is challenging at best. It requires great numbers of boxes, packing paper, tape, labels, and other supplies. Packing the most obvious items is simple enough, but lots of families have no idea what to do with the nails, screws, fasteners, and cords that anchor legs to tables or pictures to the walls.

To that end, packers will need supplies that moving companies in Oak Park, IL, won’t have, such as sandwich baggies, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and packing tape to keep fasteners with its furniture. Packers will also need egg cartons to store light bulbs from lamps and ceiling fans. These are also good for packing well-wrapped small china or crystal figurines.


Since it’s obvious which legs go with which table, all that remains is keeping their fasteners with them. Small sandwich baggies are ideal for keeping their screws, washers, and nuts together. Use packing tape to secure them to the bottom of the table.

Pictures and Paintings

Picture nails and wire, as well as nails used to hang family pictures on walls, often get lost. Use sandwich baggies to prevent their loss. Since these can’t be taped to a picture or painting without damaging it, place them in the boxes in which the pictures and paintings will be moved. They’ll be immediately at hand for hanging in the new house.

Light Fixtures

Moving companies supply packers with wardrobe boxes that include rods on which to hang clothing. If a home has chandeliers or other pendant lighting being moved, wardrobe boxes are a clear winner for transporting them. These lighting fixtures can be cushioned with soft blankets for extra support.


Extension cords, computer cables, and other cords fit well in toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Simply gather them in a figure-8 and slide them in. Keep them with the item of which they are part of for shipping with moving companies in Oak Park, IL.