7 Steps to Hiring a Furniture Installation Firm

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Moving Companies

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Furniture installation can involve back-bending work. Plenty of things could go wrong. Take steps to ensure that no issues would come up during the process. Here’s how to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation.

Confirm the Details

Mistakes happen. Sometimes, the company deletes the job information in the email by mistake. Sometimes, there’s a mix-up with the dates or details. One way to prevent any problems is to confirm all the details a day or so before any of the moving work is done. That way, if there are any problems that need to be ironed out before then, there’s still time to get those things done.

Know Your Options

Find out which office furniture installation companies in your area offer the services you need. Not all firms offer furniture installation help, for instance. Make sure you consider that before you pick a moving firm.

Remove all the Furniture

Prepare the site or area by removing all the furniture. Moving all the new furniture in will be easier and safer when the contractors there’s nothing to get in their way. Once the work is done, you could also ask the contractors to put the furniture pieces back. However, many services don’t include this level of help.

Reserve the Elevator

Make it easier for the crew to bring along tools and equipment. That means booking the entire elevator in advance to make sure the contractors can use them anytime they need.

Tell Your Team

Make sure your team knows what’s happening. Let them know about the furniture installation work that’s going to happen. Given the pandemic, many teams these days work out of their homes. But if yours still work out of your office, then you need to inform them.

Assess the Workspace

Check the workspace. By now, you already have a good layout in mind. Doublecheck to make sure that everything is going to fit, that you’ve made room for the human traffic in the room or you’ve considered social distancing rules.

Hire Pros

Hiring pros prevents employee injuries that could result from lack of installation experience. Also, if you and your team have none of the proper tools or knowledge, you could end up damaging the equipment which will only set you back on time and money. Research your options. Look for the right professional. Check their experience and reputation before you go ahead and hire one. Ask if they’re bonded and insured.