5-Step Checklist to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage in Titusville

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Whether it is for a long trip, winter travel or an extended illness, owning a car means a situation may arise when you need to store it for an extended period. If so, you will need to find suitable storage units for cars to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Otherwise, leaving it in a garage or on the street could result in ruined tires, a dead battery or rat’s nest under the hood. To avoid these unwanted conditions, consider these five essential steps to preparing your car for storage.

Step 1: Fill the Tank

If your care will be stored for at least two months, you should fill the tank with gas. This helps to keep the tank from rusting. Also, add a stabilizer to prevent fuel system damage and to preserve the gasoline.

Step 2: Change the Oil

After long-term storage, dirty engine oil becomes thick. This will make it difficult to start your car when you return.

Step 3: Use Tire Jacks

Putting jacks underneath the tires helps to prevent having flat spots. Using tire jacks also takes the weight of your car off the tires so you do not have to buy four new tires when you come back.

Step 4: Clean the Car

Storage units for cars offer protection but you should still wash and wax the outside. Vacuum the inside so no residues fester and cause mold or pests to enter your car.

Step 5: Find a Storage Unit